1. n
1) возвращение
2) возврат; возмещение
3) оборот (средств)
4) доход; прибыль; выручка; поступление
5) отчет; налоговая декларация; ведомость
6) pl возвращенный товар; возвращенные чеки, векселя

- above average returns
- after-tax return
- amended return
- annual returns
- appreciable return
- average returns
- bank return
- Bank of England Return
- broker's return
- budgeted return
- consolidated tax return
- current return
- daily returns
- daily sales returns
- decreasing returns
- delinquent return
- differential returns
- diminished return
- diminishing returns
- dwindling return
- estimated return
- expected return
- fair return
- field warranty return
- financial returns
- fixed return
- floor return
- gross return
- high return on equities
- income tax return
- increasing returns
- interest return
- interim return
- investment return
- joint tax return
- marginal return
- mean return
- merchandise return
- monthly returns
- net return
- official return
- partial return
- poor returns
- portfolio return
- profit return
- purchase returns
- quarterly sales return
- quick return
- sales return
- subsequent return
- tax return
- timely filed return
- total return
- trade returns
- weekly return
- yearly returns
- return of an advance
- return of an amount overpaid
- return of an arbitration fee
- return of cargo
- return of charges
- return of commission
- return of commodity
- return of a consignment
- return of contribution
- return of a debt
- return of deposit
- return of documents
- return of a drawback
- return of duties
- return of empties
- return of empty pallets
- return of an excess amount
- return of expenses
- return of goods
- return of payment
- return of a premium
- return of production expenses
- return of products
- return of rejected goods
- return of security
- return of shipment
- return of a sum
- return on assets
- return on bonds
- return on capital
- return on capital employed
- return on common equity
- return on current assets
- return on equity
- return on equities
- return on fixed assets
- return on invested capital
- return on investments
- return on permanent capital
- return on sales
- return on shareholders' equity
- return on total assets
- return to convertibility
- return to cooperation
- returns to scale
- by return of mail
- by return of post
- in return for shares
- bring a return
- bring in a quick return
- file a return
- generate annualized returns
- leverage up return on equity
- make false returns
- repatriate returns
- show good returns
- yield a return
2. v
1) возвращать, возмещать
2) приносить (доход)
3) давать отчет
3. adj

English-russian dctionary of contemporary Economics. 2014.

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  • return — re·turn 1 vt 1 a: to give (an official account or report) to a superior (as by a list or statement) return the names of all residents in the ward return a list of jurors b: to bring back (as a writ, verdict, or indictment) to an office or… …   Law dictionary

  • Return — Re*turn , v. t. 1. To bring, carry, send, or turn, back; as, to return a borrowed book, or a hired horse. [1913 Webster] Both fled attonce, ne ever back returned eye. Spenser. [1913 Webster] 2. To repay; as, to return borrowed money. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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